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Marrying a Filipina – Top 10 Reasons Why You Should

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Many American and European men would love to have an Asian woman for a girlfriend or wife. There are various stereotypes as to why Asian girls make a good wife, notwithstanding men’s inclination to specific sexual fantasies or fetishes. There are so many Asian girls out there to pick from but what makes a Filipina different?

In this scope, a Filipina is someone born of Filipino parents (or at least one of the parents is a Filipino), was born in the Philippines or abroad, and brought up in a home where age-old Filipino values are taught. There could be more factors or variables to consider in this discussion but we will focus on the broad description above.

Why marry a Filipina? What makes her stand out from all the Asian ladies in the catalog? In the spirit of David Letterman, here are the top 10 reasons why you should marry a Filipina. To wit, not in chronological order:

1. She will treat you like a king. When a Filipina falls in love, she gives you her undivided attention. Once you have committed to her, she tends to all your needs. As long as she gets the same intensity of love and attention she’s giving you and her rights are  not violated, she will do her best to please you and make you happy.

2. She is assertive. She has a well-balanced sense when it comes to being submissive and aggressive or assertive. She listens to you well when you share what you think or feel. But she is not submissive to the extent of blindly following your every whim, instead, she puts you in your rightful place as need be.

3. She is more fluent in English than her other Asian counterparts. She at least finished high school or 2 years of college. Most Filipinas finished a 4-year degree, commonly in the teaching field since it is the most affordable college degree available and is easily employable compared to other courses. And most of all, English was taught to her as early as Pre-school.

4.She knows how to cook a wide range of menus. She is very innovative and inventive. She can come up with a low cost, healthy home cooked meal 3 times a day, 7 days a week. She was taught to help with her mother in the kitchen at a very young age and she assumes the responsibility of cooking meals once she gets in high school.

5. She keeps a house clean and orderly. She started cleaning her parents’ house as soon as she had memorized her multiplication table. Kidding aside, it’s during second grade when she is typically drilled the multiplication table and that is how young the training for housekeeping and chores start.

6. You will always wear clean, neatly folded or pressed clothes. She makes sure that you look presentable at work and everywhere because somehow, she deems it a reflection of how good a wife she is, just like her mom who taught her the values she lives by.

7. She sings well. Karaoke is considered a Filipino sport. You can find a karaoke machine in almost every corner, especially at home. In the Philippines, Nintendo Wii competes with the karaoke machine or karaoke microphone in sales. Likewise, Filipinos are a music loving people. They learn how to sing as soon as they learn to say their first word. Playing the guitar is also one of the favorite past times in this part of the planet, so you can almost expect a jamming partner from your Filipina wife.

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8. She smells good 24/7. She takes a shower at least once a day, but would take every chance to clean and freshen up as often. She has a high level of overall hygiene and you won’t be disappointed.

9. She is family – oriented. She values family and you can expect a great mother who would take good care of your kids, extending to your parents and siblings. She always sets her family a priority and she takes good care of her elderly loved ones while keeping her job as much as she could.

10. She doesn’t want your money. She is as independent as she can be and won’t be begging you for your money even if she has to work very hard to earn her own keep. Her mother instilled in her heart that for her to be successful in life, she has to finish college and get a stable job so she does not have to rely solely on her husband to feed.

There are more reasons as to why you should marry a Filipina, such as the obvious –  her natural exotic beauty, captivating smile, and perky attitude. She always sees the light at the end of the tunnel. Being a resident of a poverty – stricken society, she  is a very good problem solver and has a good sense of humor. In the face of adversity, she has a phenomenal disposition. She is also frugal as can be and she can make a good entrepreneur. The list goes on, and this page is not enough to enumerate them all. However, no individuals are exactly alike. There are always flaws on anyone, though some may be more prominent, while others happen to know how to refine them.  They take responsibility and make the effort to improve and grow as a person, while others just stay as they are in their old immature ways. This is but a general description of how a typical Filipina is with all her positive adorable attributes. If you have reasons as to why you should not marry a Filipina, tell us so. You may share your opinion below.

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